Monday, June 18, 2012

Harajuku, A place of wonder and amusement...

So, we were wondering through the park near Harajuku and saw a lot of people having fun. People dancing with friends, others playing music and mates just hanging out.

We also wandered through the Tokyo Earth Day, which was cool too.

Then there was this guy... He was a man/plushie of few words but was more than happy to pose. We spotted the cos-play outfit from a few hundred meters away so I readied my Canon and my Japanese phrases.

It was the first time I attempted my "shashin o tote mo ii desu ka", that's "is is ok if I take your photo?". Before I could even get to "mo ii" he was rummaging excitedly through a nearby suitcase full of anime stickers and puppets of various persuasions.
Then, while I quickly recovered from shock and a mild urge to run, he/she/plushie struck this pose:

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