Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More monkeys of Arashiyama

Here are more shots from our trip to Arashiyama in Kyoto:

We were there on the 11th of April and as this shot shows the Sakura were blooming:

Boats on the Oi River

Monkeys in the trees of Iwatayama 

After passing over the Moon Crossing bridge you pay roughly $5 NZ and hike up 150 metres into the hills above kyoto. It takes maybe 20 minutes if you're going slow and enjoying the scenery. At the top of the hill you get to a small hut with wire mesh on it. They have food for sale inside so make sure you have a few yen floating around your pockets. The monkeys know the deal and climb the outside to thrust their hand through the wire for the food.

Some of them keep the nuts in their mouth for later

This little guy was a bit damp from the rain but it didn't stop him from enjoying a peanut

The feeding hut and pond

Iwatayama and the Oi river

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