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Japan 2012 - Day 5 April 10th
We spent 5 days in Kyoto. Once we had settled in we headed to Kiyomizu-Dera.

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We wandered up the same street our great hotel was on for about half an hour until we got to the Temple.
On the way, we past a small supaa (supermarket) that we stopped for lunch and snacks in quite often. Outside was this cute dog waiting patiently in his owners bicycle.

A Monk lets the crowd flow around him on the road up to Kiyomizu-Dera.

To get to a lot of temples you have to pass through a gauntlet of tourist traps. The pedestrian street leading up to the temple is populated by stores selling overpriced Japanese stuff... like fans, Yukata, nice bowls, chopsticks and so on.

Here this monk watches people consumed by consumerism.

The grounds around Kiyomizu-Dera are decorated with Sakura and other shrines.

Ema or prayers at the temple. You pay for the the wooden plaque thing and hang it here

A Geisha (or someone dressed up as one) climbs the stairs to the shrine.

A young woman in a kimono takes photos of the sakura with her cell phone...

... then admires her photo:

We couldn't figure out what these were but saw people bowing to them so assume they are shrines of some type

Visitors to the temple cleansing before they enter. You wash your hands by tipping water on them, some people swish some around in their mouth too.

A girl prays to the shrine

 Looking down form Kiyomizu-dera


Here are Trey Ratcliffs shots from
The Treetop Temple Protects Kyoto

Amazing shots! We weren't lucky enough to visit the temple at night. It closed about 6pm during our stay in Kyoto.

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