Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Walk Wednesday

One of my mates at work brought his 450D along to work the other day and we went for a wander so he could see how a photographers mind works.

That sparked the idea that every Wednesday we would lug our weapons of choice to work with us and during our lunch hour go for a short photo walk.

Another friend at work is a Wedding Photographer so we picked his brain for hints and tips.

Here JP takes a shot of Warren up against the Pumphouses rustic brick wall.

Here I use the shoot along the wall tip from Warren to shoot JP while Warren makes faces at him from behind me.

There is a nice bunch of Daffodil's growing on the hill on the way down to the pump-house. The ducks, swans and random other water fowl, all seem to use it and a bed as there were a few feathers floating throughout the flowers.

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