Monday, July 18, 2011

Augusta, Perth Australia

Here the ocean pounds into the rocks of Augustas amazing coastline! Its only a 5-10 minute drive away from the little town but feels like you are on the edge of the world:

Augusta has a small outdoor museum of antique shipping and logging stuff... Here is a variety of saw blades, slightly rusty... The large one was about a metre and a half in diameter:

Some machinery that I'm sure was once quite useful... now its rusty:

This lighthouse is the beacon highlighting the meeting point of the Southern and the Indian Oceans. The roads all have this great red dirt either as the road itself or an edging. Here it winds its way up to the hills above Augusta:


  1. Hi

    Like the sunbeams in your seascape shot,

    great details in your rusty machinery studies

  2. Thanks :) it's a great place to visit not much to do but worth it for a magnificence of the ocean.
    Cheers for the comment.